Saturday, December 6, 2014

A True Story

When I first started this blog I wrote a fanciful post about my dogs playing on my computer while I was at work, and while they had the run of the house.

It was fantasy, but the following is not.

The other morning  I went to the kitchen, and I left my computer open to some opinion site.

I made my coffee, but was startled to hear loud,bouncy, tinny music coming from my work room. I assumed it was some ad that had come on.

But when I went to check, I found the Ragdoll kitten horde I now am stuck with wandering around on the desk my computer sits on.

Bored with catnip mice and squeaky toys, tired of shredding the couch, they had gone online and typed in Youtube.

And what had they chosen to watch?

"Everything is Awesome", an animated music video from "The Lego Movie". I would post it here, but I fear I might violate copyright law and end up in federal prison.

"The Lego Movie".

So much for feline discrimination and good taste. But then they are just kittens.