Sunday, July 11, 2010

"French" Iced Coffee as they serve it at "Miss Saigon".

I went out to "Miss Saigon" on Charlotte Pike Friday night, and along with my Vermicelli with Pork and Shrimp ( # 53- Bun Miss Saigon) I had their French Iced Coffee. I made it at home yesterday, albeit in a larger glass, and enjoyed it just a much. All one has to do is spoon two heaping tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk into the bottom of the glass, pour in cold coffee ,and add ice cubes. Stir up the condensed milk, then drink. It is enough to transport you a world and half- century away to Indochine where the man at the cafe table next to you may be planning his next novel. Perhaps he will title it "The Quiet American".

My Summer Writing Room

I carved this little outdoor room out of the Hell Strip that was my apartment foyer.

Radnor Lake- Saturday July 10

Radnor Lake State State Park is south of Nashville. The lake is man-made and once belonged to the L and N Railroad. Otter Creek Road, which follows the south shore of the lake, is loved by walkers and bikers and by the birders who find it to be a migration mecca in April and May, when the rare Mourning and Connecticut warblers come through. I have seen snapping turtles 3 ft in circumference in the sloughs along Otter Creek Road, and yesterday I watched a Green Heron stalk down a mossy, half-submerged log and catch a small catfish. There was flood damage. Limestone ledges gave way and brought trees and mud down on the road. The road is open now, however. The eastern portion of the lake is green with duckweed, and I saw several dozen Canada geese and many Wood ducks. Early morning on the weekend is the best time to go. Any other time and you will be caught in traffic Hell.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My porch

The hosta is "Guacamole". It is about to bloom.

Found at my apartment dumpster.

It is the custom at my apartments to leave freebies that others might want outside the dumpster. This is where I found these prints. This is how I got my vacuum cleaner, my printer-fax, my microwave, my Chia herb garden in a box. If I had been strong enough I could have loaded up a white vinyl couch this morning-

Scenes from a morning walk- July 6

The only bearable time outside now is very early morning. The rest of the time I feel as though I am under house arrest.

Moonflower Vine

I raised this from seed. It bloomed for the first time last night. Now if only my Coral Vine( Antigonon leptopus) would do the same-