Monday, February 14, 2011

Searching for the Hill Tract and some Found Objects

This past Monday, not even a week after the paralyzing Rush Hour snowstorm that shut down this city, the dogs and I hiked out in 65 degree weather to search for the Hill Tract, a 300 plus acre stand of virgin forest with centuries old trees that is now addition to the Warner Parks. Conservancy groups raised the money to buy it from the H.G. Hill family.

The hounds and I walked up through the woods just south of these apartments on Tennessee state route 100. We found an old wood road, but it was confusing and overgrown. Where the road began in a field covered with construction debris from the apartments, I photographed the old piano and bench someone had dragged into this wasteland. An impromptu Saturday night concert? Who knows?

After the first road dead ended in a hillside, we turned north and cut through the woods to ford a brook. There had to be road since someone had dumped old appliances on the stream bank. Hence the remains of the vintage washing machine, its wash cycle silent for evermore. And there was a road. East, it went to pastures and forgotten farm buildings and a dry farm pond. West it went into the forest. We walked up into the woods a little way, but since I am more of an Entwife than an Ent, I love pastures and open fields and old rose bushes and cultivation. But looking west I could see the forested hills beyond, and I knew it must be the Hill forest. I plan to walk there again this weekend with my fellow explorer and plant hunter Mrs Sharon R. I will leave the dogs at home, for even in February the ticks are abroad.

I am heartened by the land preservation in Middle Tennessee- the farms saved forever out near Franklin and Leiper's Fork. And now the Hill Tract-

And would it not be wonderful to save Steveaway Farms out on the Pasquo Road?. No one has the money or appetite for McMansions anymore. And that is what developers have planned, though the Great Recession has temporarily silenced their bulldozers.


Out on the prairie said...

What classic finds, I marvel when people dump stuff wondering if they think someone else will pick it up.One thing I have learned about ticks is they home in on trails traveled by warm blooded creatures, so stay off the beaten path a bit and miss them.

troutbirder said...

Can I blow off some steam? ok. Thanks :) Speaking of rush hour jams we were heading to go thru Nashville from Birmingham about midmorning. Got caught in a traficc jam on the south freeway for two hours finally got to he spot of the trouble .I figured delayed that long a gasoline truck or something had blown up. No! One machine was down in the ditch rooting out trees. Looks like their adding a lane. One highway patrolmen was blocking the lane next to the ditch. This force the cars and trucks to take turns. The trees being removed were quite small and far from the traffi lanes. For this thousands of people were late for work or otherwise inconvenience. If you know the people in charge of the Highway Dept or police please inform them of the bad image Tennessee engender that day.
Whew!!!! Now I feel better.