Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Salsa

Meals cooked between one twelve hour night shift and the next need to be simple, and done in under ten or fifteen minutes. I have two hours till I drive downtown, and this is what I cooked. Two eggs scrambled, with salsa and crumbled cheese whisked into the eggs, and more salsa as a condiment. I used the Fuz brand Queso (Mexican cheese) that I bought at K and S World Market over on Charlotte and my own home made salsa, but you could use grated Monterrey Jack and store bought salsa. But the queso is so much better. I think you should seek it out at the Supermercado or ethnic stores. In Nashville you will not have to look far, since one in every ten Nashvillians is Hispanic. And another thing about the queso- it is cheap. Two 12 oz rounds for five dollars.

Simply whisk two eggs, a small handful of grated or crumbled cheese, some Adobo seasoning, and two or three tablespoons of salsa and scramble till creamy. Top with more salsa. An avocado would go well with this, and some pomegranate juice mixed with the juice of two key limes. If I had had some home fried flour tortillas, I would have put the eggs on them, but alas I ate the fried tortillas when I came home this morning.

A final note on the queso. It has a nutty taste, like a combination of feta and Monterey Jack. It crumbles, and resists melting.

One final note: Avocados are half the price at K and S that they are at Publix. So are the Honey Mangoes.

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