Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunrise Today and a Still Life of Beagle with Biscuits

Today is cold, and rain is on the way this afternoon. Yet yesterday was sunny and warm, and when the dogs and I went to the park we found Spring Beauties blooming in the grass along a meadow stream. Today's Tennessean reports that the mumes are blooming at Cheekwood, and that the tulips are coming up. I have seen 80 degree days in February here, and I have seen winters so warm that bedded out wax begonias came back from the roots. We are having Spring in Winter, our fifth season, and a dangerous one. Peach trees may break dormancy ,gambling on 70 degrees. I have a hydrangea on my porch that is waking up. It will be sorry, as will we when the peach crop fails.

As for the beagle and the biscuits, all I can say is that beagles think they can help cook (or at the very least pre-wash dishes). And Shih Tzus think they can help make a bed. I am lucky they both don't haunt the kitchen, or I would never be able to move.

Later today I plan to post a recipe for one of my new favorite recipes- Sopa De Fideo. Mexican Noodle Soup. Here is a preview -

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Out on the prairie said...

The dog shots gave me a good laugh, I hope you shared.