Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Brother's Backyard Visitor

My brother sent me these photos this morning. He lives in northern New Hampshire.

I lived in New England thirty one years, and I never saw a moose. I did see a newspaper picture of a moose walking up the steps into a church. That moose reportedly had a brain parasite that caused a kind of moose dementia. Moose have wandered into shopping malls and onto freeways under its influence-

Not in Nashville,however. We have to be content with armadillos and possums, and one of the latter was once found on a stair landing behind a fire door in the Intensive care unit at St. Thomas Hospital. It was scratching at the door. Smokers had left the door down the stairs propped open. Maybe the possum smelled the nurses' Chinese takeout-


Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

A handsome visitor for your brother Betsy.

troutbirder said...

Those are big boys. I ran into one once on a portage trail in the BWCAW of norther Minnesota. I gave him the right of way....:)

Nan said...

Did he use the camera zoom, or was it this close? We've had them quite near the house over the years, but haven't seen one this year.

betsy said...

Nan- my brother used an ordinary pocket camera. No zoom. My brother used to be a conservation officer in NH, and he knows how to make moose calls. He said he used the cow moose call once and a male moose walked right up to the window of my brother's truck-

Nan said...

That's amazing. I am really quite fond of moose.