Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cannellini Stew with Olives

I am calling this dish a stew since in the interest of economy I used only one 15 oz can of chicken broth to two 15 oz cans of cannellini beans. I first sauteed a diced medium yellow onion in olive oil until if was soft and golden. I sweated it with a little sea salt as well, and added two diced garlic cloves. When the onion was done I added the broth and beans along with a dash of celery salt and Italian seasoning. Then I added a handful of chopped up green olives. I used the pimento stuffed ones, but I think Kalamatas or any pitted green olives would do as well. Possibly better. I will be experimenting in the future. Adjusting seasoning is important here, especially with salt, since preserved olives are intinsically salty. This went very well with toasted Italian bread.

This could serve three or four. It was so savory I ate it for supper, then for breakfast, then for lunch. No danger of leftovers with this

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