Monday, July 1, 2013

Mighty Little Camera

I cannot post a picture of my new camera, a Canon Powershot,because cameras are not yet able to take pictures of themselves. My best friend found me this camera on Ebay, and gave it to me as a gift this morning. She loaned me a CD of directions to download.

My old camera was a Sony Mavica that Nancy Moore of Blue Basin Cove Bed and Breakfast gave me quite a few years ago.
It was a marvelous camera that even allowed a photography dunce such as me to take good pictures. Its drawbacks were that it was bulky, had an expensive battery that did not last long and needed recharging, and stored photos on a compact disc.

Then the disc driver went.

This afternoon I took a picture of my porcelain goose soup tureen. I turned on the "on" button. I hit the "take a picture" button. It clicked. I ignored the bells, whistles, menu, and buttons, and it still took a picture.

Now what? How to I get it into the computer? I plugged in the USB cable to the camera. So far so good. Now where do I plug it into the computer? There were four possible ports.

I chose one at random. Oh no. Now what impossible set of instructions was I going to have to follow, and what if my pictures went somewhere where I could never find them- What should I do now?


Both camera and computer knew I was a tech idiot. Up came the goose photo, ready to be imported.

The only thing cameras need people for(until evolution gives them legs) is to carry them around.

In the future when cameras gain the right to vote and to get married, we will see them holding hands and sauntering on their tiny prosthetic legs around the villas of Italy. They will wander around downtown Nashville, looking in vain for something worthy of their efforts.

Despite their features and their menus, added so we will not feel superfluous and to give us something to fiddle with, the truth about cameras is this.

They do not need us for anything but the heavy lifting-

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Out on the prairie said...

New is always fun, that Sony was neat when new but alittle large.I shoot all Sony cameras