Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Would E.B. White Say?

Here is a headline of an AOL story this afternoon. I saw it as I was about to sign in to my e-mail.

"Colorado Man Attacked by Three Coyotes Walking To Work".

All I can say about this is that the coyotes were undoubtedly in a bad mood since they were on their way in to a job they hated, and on foot, since no human would sell them a car. Perhaps if the man had encountered them at the neighborhood bar after work they would have been more affable and invited him to join them. God knows, those coyotes love beer!

Thus does the English language make fools of us all.


Book-hound said...

Hilarious - loved this. Post brightened my day!

betsy said...

Thank you Book-hound!

Kay G. said...

Oh my, that is so funny!
I wonder, does anyone ever LOOK at what they are about to print these days? No, as long as spell check says its okay, that's as far as it goes...
Those coyotes just needed a drink,

Sam said...

I saw one last week: MAN SHOWS UP AT SCHOOL IN LAMBORGHINI DRESSED AS MOSES. Sadly, there were no pictures of the hirsute supercar.