Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Christmas Couch

When I moved to these apartments four years ago, I left my old sofa behind. I replaced it with with a daybed I could move myself, and that I bought at a junk shop for 5 dollars.One summer ago, wanting someplace soft to sit outside, I put the daybed out on my porch. I planned to move it back in but when it became an alley cat hostel I covered it with comforters and left it out.

I had 2 old over stuffed chairs to sit on in my living room, but I also had two hounds and every time I abandoned the chair for the kitchen I lost my place.We played musical chairs until I picked up two wicker lawn chairs at the dumpsters. Now we all had a place to ourselves, but I was not comfortable and watching TV was a back breaker. I also was sleeping on a futon that made me feel eighty.

To me a sofa began to look like a luxury. I craved one the way other women crave fancy handbags. How I wanted someplace soft. I no longer wanted to hurt every time I sat down.But I am old and poor and have a dicey credit rating.

But a friend found me a second hand large white sofa for 100 bucks. She found it on Craig's List and I splurged on paying movers.The girls who sold the couch warned me their puppy had peed on it once, but I have some experience with doggy incontinence and this did not bother me unduly.

I have now made the couch my bedroom and refuge. I covered it with spreads because of the fur problem. It has so many pillows I made a tower with them and my lap hound now uses this as his neighborhood watch observation post to keep an eye on the cats.

The only problem now is the sofa has dwarfed the living room. The wicker chairs must go back to the dumpsters to cut the clutter., and I may even have to get rid of the coffee table.

But oh how worth it it is! I have been on it all day.cuddled up watching "Elf", "Tombstone", and now a hilarious British police comedy called "Hot Fuzz".

Heaven, Unless I spend so much time on it that body and mind turn to mush.


Out on the prairie said...

When I chose mine it was for sprawling out on, complete with pets. It is huge.

Kay G. said...

That comfy couch sounds good to me, I need one too!
People laugh at me because I liked that movie, Elf, I thought it was sweet. :-)

betsy said...

Mine is the Moby Dick of my living room! Kay, most people love "Elf"