Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Real First Day of Spring-

Yesterday here in Nashville the day was warm, sunny, and silent. Usually by now the redwing blackbirds have started to sing but yesterday walking on the Greenway along the Little Harpeth River I heard not one.

Last night was rainy and 64 degrees, and I expected redwings on today's walk.

Instead I heard the first true voice of spring. Hyla crucifer- the spring peeper, a miniature frog that breeds in damp meadows and swamps. And I found Spring Beauties. the Claytonia virginica, blooming near a stone culvert on the park road through Edwin Warner Park. And a low growing little swamp buttercup as well.

Let us hope this God awful freeze dried winter has received its first eviction notice-


Out on the prairie said...

would love to see some bloom, we are getting more snow today

Sam said...

Spring still seems impossibly far away here.