Friday, May 9, 2014

New President at NPR

At the top of the hour, if I can get there fast enough, I turn down NPR news on our Classical station and wait for it to go away.

A few minutes ago I was not quick enough. I heard that one Jarl Mohn was the new president at NPR.

His credentials?

Former president of E! Entertainment Television, and a former disc jockey also associated with MTV.

Classy. I can imagine what is coming.

Symphonic music to strut down the Hollywood red carpet by. Beyonce's favorite composers. Miley Cyrus's favorite concertos.

Imagine , though, the plus side for the news division!

Fewer boring reports on the future of wind farms! GMA instead of GMO! Overnight TV ratings and up to the minute box office tallies for the weekend-

Crimea? Isn't that a town with a high crime rate? You know, like Chicago?

God help us all-

1 comment:

Sam said...

$201 Million for their new offices, those fund drives are outstanding!