Monday, September 22, 2014

Back From Hiatus

Miss Betsy is back from a much needed break. To celebrate I have composed a bit of light verse foolishness.

One of the younger nurses at the Little Big House once told me the story of an elderly prisoner who became depressed when his pet died. Now pets are hard to come by in prison, but this man had found one. Now you and I might befriend a cat, dog, or rabbit, but prisoners must be creative. Here is the story of an inmate named Denny-

The night that Denny's cockroach died

The mourners brought the wine.

They made it in a hidden still

that the guards would never find..

A matchbox was the coffin.

A Band Aid was the shroud.

And Denny gave the eulogy

To a large, felonious crowd.

"He was my friend for thirty days.

I did not know him long.

But some damn fool came in and sprayed

Now Cockie Roach is gone".

The old man cried for half a week

Till inmates in the house

Assuaged his sadness

By catching him a mouse.

Welcome to Fall and the Autumnal Equinox. May God protect us from any more dew points of 80!


Out on the prairie said...

Nice to have you back, I was just thinking of you.

Out on the prairie said...

They are putting a hydro turbine on one of the biggest dams and lake in my state in my last post.

Mac n' Janet said...

I laughed till I cried, thank you!