Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tennessee Ornithological Society Birdwalk April 13

Today was the first of five bird walks at Radnor Lake State Park. These walks are every Wednesday during spring migration. The highlight of today's walk for me was seeing my first blue-headed vireo and walking through hillsides covered with masses of Dwarf Larkspur. We also saw an osprey catch a fish only to be harassed by a crow. A few winter ducks were still around- Buffleheads and Ruddy Ducks. Warblers seen were the early ones such as Parulas and Yellow Rumped. On one of the upcoming walks I hope to see the rare Connecticut and Mourning Warblers.


Out on the prairie said...

This sounds nice to hear some of the migration you see a few weeks before me.I hate to miss any programs like this.

troutbirder said...

Please send them my way. I do love those warblers. Saw a lifer here today though...a white winged scoter which apparently made a wrong left turn in Siberia and endup in Minnesota. Go figure. :)