Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I found this blooming along the Harpeth River Greenway this morning. Had I a garden, I would plan to come back in a month to get the seed heads to plant. But I must be content just to see it here.

I am not certain which aster this is. I know what it is not, but there are thirty six species of asters in this state, and from what I have read it seems they are promiscuous plants- ready at the slightest wind to send their pollen over the fence to cross-breed. This plant looks like the New England Aster, but the ones I remember seeing in New Hampshire were taller. Whatever it is I am certain it would make a good garden plant. If it lives in Tennessee it is hardy and drought tolerant and tough. And it has the virtue of lateness. When it fades out of bloom it will not linger through the summer looking worse for wear the way peonies and irises do.


troutbirder said...

Your right Betsy, it is a New England aster. I have some and several others in my wildflower garden. They are beautiful plants indeed.

Out on the prairie said...

They are really catching my eye.I know this Friday I hope to see a few butterflies attracted to them to tag.