Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mike Whitney's Must Read Article at

I suppose I should admit that I am not a linker. I cannot master it. But if you came here, you can type, and is not outside your reach.

Economics is the "dismal science" to me. It makes my head nod. It makes my eyes cross. I had no idea what was causing the financial meltdown in the European Union. Nor did I think I would be able to understand it.

Until I read Mike Whitney' "A Short Fable of The Eurozone" at I read it. I understood it. Succinct and pithy, it uses a simple story to explain what is happening in the 17 countries of the European Union. And what happens across the Atlantic is going to affect us all. I recommend it

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Out on the prairie said...

We hear it now at home, and wonder why.I will take a peek and see.