Monday, September 10, 2012

Where I Wish I Was-

I am reposting these pictures for anyone who has not seen them. They were taken from the wrap around porch of a second tier beach house I rented in Cape San Blas ,Florida. In better financial times I was able to go down to the Gulf fall and spring. I am hopeful those times will come again. How I long to drive south! To see the first wisps of Spanish moss south of Montgomery, Alabama. To see the first palmettos. To walk out to Mobile Point at Fort Morgan and see the fisherman trying for redfish. To toss in my crab traps into St Joseph Bay, and spend the evening picking the boiled crabs clean. To walk the boardwalk at the Lower Suwanee National Wildlife Refuge. To see the clam nets of the fisherman of Cedar Key drying in the sun.

It has been a long five years since my last visit.

The water in the distance in this last photo is St Joseph Bay. The Town of Port St Joe is on the other side. It was at Port St Joe that I saw a Bald Eagle among the gulls swarming a grocery store dumpster!

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Nan said...

The color reminds me of photographs I've seen of Greece. So very beautiful.