Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blog Fatigue

One of my favorite bloggers is shutting down her blog. She is Nan, from "Letters from a Hill Farm". I will miss her. Her blog was six years old. In a world where blogs die young, this was longevity.

I often wonder if blogging is worth it. How discouraging it is to see that most of one's readers are Ukranian and Russian spam computers, who are not readers at all.
To never have an audience of more than a handful of readers,( though Nan was far more successful with this than I).

The Internet is clogged with blogs. Many are abandoned. Others not worth reading. Others obscure, and written for an audience that does not exist. At first one runs on hope, wishing for luck, but over time hope wears away and luck never comes.

Mark Twain said that if, after writing for 3 years no one has offered to pay you for your words, you might as well go back to cutting wood for a living.

I will miss you Nan. I hope you will send me your email address so we can write each other.


Kay G. said...

Oh, I know just what you mean!
I love Nan too, she has the BEST bloggers who like her, and you are one of them!
I will miss her and her gentle ways, but MAYBE, she will come back to blogging and we can all have a blog party!

betsy said...

I think every blogger needs to go on hiatus once in a while. I hope Nan's is not permanent.