Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Estate Sale Diaries- Weekend of December 1st- The Ones That Get Away

I regret missing several sales this past year, and I regret missing this one. But I had to work this weekend, and money is tight. And even if I had had the time to go, the logistics would have been difficult, for this sale was in Green Hills, a pricey suburb where estate sale signs are often banned and parking is non- existent. The latter is a problem for anyone with bags full of loot, for who relishes a three block walk to their car?

How I would have loved that green enamel cookware set or the two green topped tables. I am certain they were gone in minutes. There may have been vintage clothing as well. Just look at those mink coats. They look like something Doris Day would have worn in "The Thrill of It All." or in one of her romantic comedies with Rock Hudson.

Unfortunately, for the rabid estate saler, life intrudes. My money must go to fixing up my truck, which just failed Metro Nashville's emission testing because of a faulty oxygen sensor. How dismal life can be.

We crave old linens and antique plates. End tables and cutting boards.

Instead we face a 300 dollar bill at Firestone Complete Auto Care.


Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

There were some really good items on sale there Betsy.

betsy said...

Costas, sometimes I think it is good to be thwarted before we buy more stuff we do not need. I remember what Henry Davis Thoreau said about counting the cost of a thing as how much of his life he had to exchange for it-