Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mutant Hens? Or are they a Sign?

I bought a dozen eggs at Whole Foods a week or so ago. When I went to crack a couple to make muffins yesterday, I found them unnaturally heavy, and I was worried there might be a chicken inside.

The eggs both had two yolks. I have been alive almost 63 years, and have never seen a double yoked egg. Here were two. By this morning, having now cracked half a dozen I am reporting that all six were double. Of the six remaining, four look and feel as though they may be twins as well.

These came from a farm in Summertown, Tennessee, a place once famed as a hippie colony. What it is now I do not know- Perhaps a colony of benevolent aliens have landed there and decided to improve the chickens. Maybe there is something in the water, though I am not sure I want to know what- Or maybe the asteroid swarm of a few weeks back had something to do with it. Sunspots perhaps. Global Warming. Surveillance drones or black helicopters.

Who can explain? All I can say is that for once I found a bargain at Whole Foods.

What are the odds of that?

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Sam said...

We have raised chickens and they would occasionally lay eggs with double yolks, I'm guessing yours were sorted by size and/or weight and the doubles tended to get grouped together. The shells were usually longer on the doubles and they sometimes appeared slightly "wasp-waisted"