Monday, March 4, 2013

The Estate Sale Diaries-March 1,2013, Nashville

I have been to many estate sales through the years, but not once have I seen copper cookware, old or new.

This past Friday I went to a sale held in the clubhouse of a local condominium community. I was surprised at how sparse the crowd was since the rooms were full of antiques and valuable old furniture. I was not in the market, nor did I have the pockets for the expensive. I had my eye on two battered old copper pieces that looked as though they had been used for fireplace cooking. If these pieces were as antique as the furniture there, they were old indeed. Riveted and hand hammered. Someone had used the kettle as a cache pot for house plants, and the long-handled pot must have been a decoration, though it is very tarnished. I went back on Saturday and bought them for half price-eighteen dollars-, and I will have to study to see what I can do to clean them up.

I found these two cookbooks as well, and they are a combination of time capsule and archaeology dig. They are stuffed with recipes on index cards, letters and thank you notes, and newspaper clippings from the Nashville "Tennessean" newspaper, circa 1953. "The American Woman's Cookbook" is the 1943 edition.

More on these books to follow in my next post-


Out on the prairie said...

Lovely treasures,I haven't been to a good sale for weeks.

Kay G. said...

Is it true you can clean copper with ketchup? This is from my head, I can't look it up for you and leave this comment too as my computer is slow, so I can't be sure if this is right.
Also, I love those cookbooks,they are right up my alley!
And the duck serving dish from your last estate sale? I love it!