Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day

The Southerner is baffled by snow and ice. I looked out of my apartment this morning, and I saw a young man on his hands and knees taking a photo of our snow covered,ice encrusted parking lot.

Ah the young!  They see an ice spectacle. We oldies see a chance we might break our hips.

The Southerner thinks that SUVs and four wheel drive do not have to conform to the laws of nature. In his sport vehicle he is invincible! He is safe at any speed. That is why photos on the local news of SUVs off  in the ditch  and littering the median strip are so predictable.

When I was a child in New Hampshire, snowstorms meant hearing the sounds of tire chains rattling away. I have never heard them here.When I lived in Connecticut, 6 inches of snow closed schools. In New Hampshire you only stayed home if the boiler blew up or the roof fell in.

In Nashville people do not take snow days, they take snow weeks. This is because nothing smaller than a state highway gets plowed. Neighborhood roads are only passable when the damn stuff melts.

And I dialed Amazon this morning to order snow grippers to attach to my shoes. They are certainly not for the fashionable Nashville belles who would rather freeze than wear a bulky coat, or any spike other than a stiletto on their shoes..

I do not care. I am still thinking about my hips. I received my medicare card a week or so, and that has concentrated my mind wonderfully.

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Out on the prairie said...

I got a bruised tailbone over a fall. Sometimes doesn't take much, but I had skis on also. I have been in areas that don't get the snow and people are real careless with driving. It is a sunny -2 here today.