Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Destructo-Masters

Here they are. Resting from their labors. Soon they will wake, and start their day, and the dogs,plants, and I will be afraid.

My Uncle Jimmy once said that when you have kids or animals you don't have anything else, and he was right, though I give adult dogs a pass on this. They may shed on the couch, and pee the rug while you are off working a 12 hour shift, but dogs have a sense of shame. They show remorse. They do not smash Limoges. They do not smash flower pots on the carpet and then use  the dirt as kitty litter.
Dogs do not go directly from the litter box to the bathroom sink or the kitchen counter. They do not toss cookbooks off the kitchen shelves.

The mother of these heathens is a community cat named Brushy. She had these kittens in October, and when I saw they were not ordinary ferals, and after a raccoon tore one of their siblings to bits, I took pity on them and brought them inside to pursue civilized life. I thought I might keep them, but have revised my thinking and am looking for dupes to take most of them off my hands.

The top tom in the neighborhood did not father these cats. He is a big nasty tuxedo cat with a Hitlerian mustache. I call him "Oreo". He is father to the porch cat kittens whose mothers have no standards. They will hook up with any body.

Oreo is beneath Brushy, who is upwardly mobile and found herself an uptown man-a Siamese.

These kittens are beautiful. They are decorative, which is a good thing because if you adopt them you will have to put away all your other decorations if you want to keep them out of the trash. You need not worry that these cats will get into your purse and chew up your credit cards, but you will have to lock up the paper towels and the toilet paper.


Out on the prairie said...

Nice to give them a home. I tried bringing one that was self-sufficient for its first 6 months and it was a disaster. I found the mother and siblings and took them to a vet friend. We fixed them and put them all back. They lived in my stable for a few years before finding better digs.I have 2 cats, two dogs inside and that can be too many sometimes.

Mac n' Janet said...

No body owns a cat, they own you and whatever you think is yours is really theirs. We're ruled by a small velvet paw that knows no shame and definitely knows how to carry a grudge, though cat "experts" say cats don't carry grudges.

Kay G. said...

Oh, bless you for caring for these cats. We had someone dump two adorable white kittens on our property. Luckily, a co worker was able to take them. Broke my heart, they were adorable, like naughty little angels.