Monday, March 15, 2010

Dead Time

"Weary,stale,flat,and unprofitable, " said Hamlet, speaking of life-and he did not have to spend time at the Department of Motor Vehicles waiting in line for emissions testing. We all know days when the Universe stops time or gives it back. Days walking in the woods when we almost think we can hear Pan's pipes. An afternoon with a friend or lost in our garden or some other beloved hobby.

And then there are the other days when the world grins like the Cheshire Cat, chewing up and swallowing our precious hours. More time in line getting our driver's license renewed,taking a package to the post office at noon, sitting and sitting until our car's tires are rotated. Other banal horrors: staff meetings; going to the IRS office to ask for a back tax return; sitting through a mandatory teleconference devoted to nothing; and lastly- power point presentations. C.S Lewis once said that Hell would be like a nasty business office. Or like any of the places I mentioned. I am mourning ninety minutes stolen from me this morning.Though how it happened or who did it is best left unsaid. Thoreau would understand- " As if we could kill time without injuring eternity-".

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