Friday, July 15, 2011

Today's Kitchen Adventure- Almost Airborne Tortillas

The flour tortillas I bought at the K&S World Market today are the best I have ever eaten. They are the Guerrero brand, baked in Irvine,, Texas and sold as "Tortillas de Harina Caseras". They are very soft tortillas, and, when fried in very hot canola oil, puff up like little balloons. They can be opened then and stuffed with salsa or taco filling or sour cream. And their puffiness persists. They do not deflate like a souffle. One can buy 2 22.5 ounce packages for five dollars. They would make a great party dish if served with quacamole and beer or Margueritas.

I also bought goat meat and duck legs today. Meats and poultry I buy at K&S have always been good. Today's only mistake was buying frozen baby octopus in a block. I planned to subdivide them among several freezer bags, but alas, they were fit only for my porch possum and visiting raccoons. But even those freeloaders may not want them. My mistake. I had forgotten that all seafood one does not buy wriggling is guilty until proven innocent.

Not: A wok makes a very good tortilla fryer.

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