Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kidney Beans with Sweet Red Bell Pepper, Mild Chiles, Onions, and Garlic

I have been looking through my New Orleans cookbooks this week, and seeing a recipe for Red Beans and Rice sent me into my cupboard pantry looking for kidney beans. I found one 14 oz. can. But when I found half a bell pepper left over in the fridge,I turned southwest and took a new route.I diced it up small and added it to my onions and garlic(sauteed in a little bacon grease and lard), then added the kidney beans. Then I added a 4 oz can of mild diced green chiles and half a packet of Iberia Sazon with coriander and annato. I sauteed the mixture for half an hour on low heat to let the flavors mingled. Then I put some in a small bowl and grated Mexican farmer's cheese on it. Delicious, with enough left over for three more servings.

I could have sauteed this in corn oil, I could have left out the Sazon. But what a difference it would have made.I know that some people cannot conceive of using lard, but I think a tiny bit of bacon drippings in your corn oil would give it that smoky flavor- As to the Sazon,one might use a little Adobo seasoning instead,if you live where no one stocks many Latino foods.(Though in this day and age I cannot imagine where that would be). Goya Foods does sell Sazon with coriander and annato on their website in the condiment section. 32 packages for just over $6.00. Badia and Iberia Foods sell it as well.


1 medium yellow onion,diced and seasoned with sea salt and sauteed till golden.

1/2 Sweet red bell pepper,diced.

Sea salt to taste,and to sweat onion.Be cautious.Sazon contains salt.

1 14 oz can kidney beans,drained.

1 can mild,diced green chiles.

1/2 packet of Sazon with coriander and Annato.

This could be served wrapped up in a warm tortilla,or with an avocado,some salsa,and some sour cream. This would be good for a potluck because it is not too picante.

*This tastes even better the second day!and sour cream. It would even be a great dish for a pot luck,as it is not too picante.

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