Thursday, February 23, 2012

To Be Social, or Not to Be Social- That is the Question!

I received an anonymous comment this afternoon that I deleted as spam, for it seemed to have some tie-in with Domino's Pizza coupons. But it is possible that this comment was from a human, since the writer advised me to make this blog "more social".

I will speak to this by saying that there is no one less social than I. I put up a Facebook page several years ago at the urging of my sister. I abandoned it within a month. I did not want to be "friends" with the Claremont Brew Fest, nor did I want to be data mined and spied on marketers, my employer, the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security, and the people I worked with.

Nor do I indulge in Twitter. Shakespeare and William Carlos Williams could put their genius into 140 odd characters, but I doubt the rest of us would.

My blog is idiosyncratic. It is irreverent and Ironic. It will never appeal to a wide audience. I doubt more than 20 people read it, though it is a magnet to spam farms in the former Eastern Bloc and in Russia.

I will be happy if I have one or two readers who care about what I have to say. And I will say what I want to say, and post what I want to post, even if it is doggerel verse and snippets of the fiction I call "Hospital Noir".

But thank you, Anonymous, for making your interesting suggestion, which I am certain was well meaning. And I apologize if you are not a Spammer-