Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Found On My Door Step

Living in an apartment block makes for interesting times at month's end . In come the U-Hauls and the moving vans, and when they are loaded, objects not dear enough to take, but too good to throw away are left outside the dumpster. Yesterday, driving out to take the hounds for a walk, I saw two television sets, an ironing board, a big microwave, and a steam kettle. I hope they found homes.

Two nights ago someone knocked at my door. When I opened it I saw two little girls running away up the stairs. They were laughing, and I thought it an obnoxious prank until I saw that they were only telling me, in their noisy way, that I had a gift from someone who was leaving.

It was a handsome three foot tall clump of Sanseveria in a nice black pot. And it sits well on my porch, which I have patched together in the style of " Frida Kahlo goes to Cuba by way of Savannah".

I am going to Radnor Lake this morning to go on a bird walk with the Nashville Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society. I am taking the camera in hopes of seeing some basking water snakes or some of the 3 foot in circumference alligator snapping turtles. If I find them I will post pictures-

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