Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Too Many Words"

I am sorry I discovered the Google "stats" function on my site. I think I would be happier not knowing how many people are reading what I write. I would not be as dismayed. And something I read today as I searched around made me even sadder.

"People get discouraged when they have to read too many words" said the author of this entry about "Why No One is Reading Your Blog". Of course one's posts may be boring. They may be poorly written. They may be, God Forbid, old fashioned in their emphasis on words and in their subjects.

There are millions of blogs now, and Twitter, and Facebook. When someone finds my blog I think "There are 150 million blogs out there, and you had to stumble onto mine!"

Perhaps there are limitations to what a blog can be and do-


Sam said...

It's not the quantity of words, it's the quality (obviously)When it's a fun and interesting read, it always ends too soon. :)

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

I am returning soon I hope! all fine here. Thanks for asking

betsy said...

Kevin- Just what I needed to hear! Hurry up!

Nan said...

I wonder if people don't have the attention spans for blog postings. Like your piece about screens (which I read first) - it is so much about the quick expression now. I am not on Facebook or twitter. I read a lot of blogs, including yours, which cheer me, make me think, teach me. I can't get that in a few words.

betsy said...

Nan- Remember the old essayists such as Joseph Wood Krutch and E B White? Would they have readers now? I doubt it-