Tuesday, May 1, 2012

French Toast with Tropical Flavors

This was my May Day Breakfast. And as I ate it at 4:30 this morning on my darkened porch, I pictured it as a breakfast that Emile De Becque might have had his cook prepare for Ensign Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific". Bread saturated with a sweet orange cream base, fried in butter, and drizzled with a chocolate, almond and coconut syrup. Exotic, and not for everyday.

To serve two:

4 slices good quality white bread, not thin sliced.
2 eggs
2 Tbs Dolce de Leche or sweetened condensed milk
The juice of two oranges
1/4 cup half and half

Whisk the above until well-blended. Then dip the bread slices into the mixture, letting them become saturated in it. Then pan fry them in a buttered skillet until they are brown-golden on each side.

For the syrup:

1/4 cup chocolate syrup
2 tbs sweetened grated coconut
1 tbs almond syrup

Whisk the syrups and the coconut together, then drizzle over the French Toast.

You can find Almond syrup at any Middle Eastern or ethnic market. Failing that, it can be ordered on line.

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Out on the prairie said...

my dad liked to soak it overnight and remove it with a spatula direct into the oil