Saturday, June 16, 2012

Potato Salad with Fresh, Raw Corn

Fresh corn is cheap in the markets now. And unlike our ancestors who boiled it, dried it, lyed it, and pounded it into a staple, we buy a few ears to wrap in foil and broil on the grill, a ritual of The Great American Summer.

I rarely bought fresh corn until I started using it to fill tortillas or to make a Sopa de Fideo. I discovered then how tasty raw corn kernels are. And today, while boiling red jacket potatoes for salad I decided to experiment by adding the kernels from two ears to the mix, along with diced sweet onion.

If anyone needs to know how to scrape off kernels allow me to say there is a hard way, and there is an easy way.The hard way splatters corn juice all over the counter, your hair and your glasses.Instead hold the corn ear, all silk removed, in a wide pan. Hold it by the sharp end with stem end anchored firmly on the pan bottom. Slice off the kernels top to bottom with a sharp knife. That is it.

Now boil 4 large red jacket potatoes, diced and unpeeled, until they are just tender. Perhaps 15 minutes. Dice up a quarter of a large sweet onion, combine it with the corn kernels and the potatoes. Dress with mayonnaise, or do as I did. To half a cup of mayonnaise add a tablespoon of canola oil,3 tablespoons of Mexican crema, and season with adobo seasoning to taste. Add this to the vegetables and mix very well.

This should feed four of five.

This is tasty, and a creative alternative to the tin foil treatment.

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