Monday, January 24, 2011

A Nine Dollar Chicken on a Two Dollar Roaster

I bought a Spanek Vertical Roaster at an estate sale last fall. I paid two dollars for it. This was a bargain, for it sells for $19.95 these days. My roaster is also an antique from 1997, and I have the worn box to prove it. The late Mrs. H-, who owned it, passed it on in pristine condition , for she seems to have been a woman who bought things and then forgot them.

When I told a friend about the roaster she told me that some people used an empty beer can to achieve the same end. I think there might be some logistical problems with that-

I basted my little chicken with butter before I pushed it onto the roaster. This might have been superfluous, for the roaster comes with a baster. One puts 4 pats of butter on the baster plate ,and it greases itself.

I was pleased with the results. The skin was crispy. The chicken was delicious. Was it the roaster, or was it the $9.00 Whole Foods Yuppie chicken raised in Poultry Nirvana and fed certified organic barnyard bugs? I guess the true test will be roasting a chicken with a less exalted provenance-


Out on the prairie said...

I stick butter under the skin around the breast after loosening it up.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Mr. Beard taught me to make bread too!
That cookbook is so splattered and well used.

And believe it or not, we had roast chicken for dinner. Cooked with Yukon Gold potatoes, baby carrots, sweet onions and a splash of vermouth.