Friday, January 7, 2011

Shrimp Broth

I collected two pint zip-lock baggies of shrimp shells from the many bags of frozen shrimp I buy. When I had a day off I defrosted the shells, ground them up in the food processor, and simmered them for 3 hours in a saucepan with 5 cups of water. I did not add herbs or vegetables. I wanted pure shrimp broth. When the simmer was done ,I strained then shells out in a colander, then strained them again through a funnel lined with a coffee filter. I used several coffee filters because of very persistent shell sediment. I was left with 4 cups of yellow-pink shrimp fragrant broth that I will use to cook rice or poach fish. I froze some of the broth in metal molds. Then I ran the molds under hot water for a moment to loosen them, then put them into freezer storage bags.

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troutbirder said...

Now that looks really yummy. btw I also really love lamb but rarely get it. Once one of my high school students took a lamb to the state fair and I bought the whole darn thing... and then made my own mint jelly to put on it. :)