Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cooking with Salsa- A Salsa Omelet

I keep jars of salsa in my pantry for cooking, not for scooping onto corn chips. A couple tablespoons whisked into scrambled eggs and then wrapped inside a warm flour tortilla dressed with more salsa and sour cream makes a fast, good breakfast. A pound of shrimp cooked in salsa, a recipe from Rick Bayless's "Mexico, One Plate at a Time", makes an ever acceptable party or pot-luck dish. And just look at the photo of the omelet I ate this morning-

The condiment I sauced it with after I took it from the pan was a few more teaspoons of salsa, one avocado, and one mini-banana from the ethnic market. You could use half of a regular banana instead. I mashed these together. It made enough condiment for two omelets.

I like to use salsas made with chiles, or with peaches, or with mangoes. Tequila Lime salsa is superb for poaching shrimp-


Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

I was starving when I started reading your post today. I didn't even finish reading, just went to the kitchen and made myself a salsa omelet. Boy do I feel better. Thanks!

betsy said...

Thanks, Beverly. Glad to meet you! I like the look of all your recipes!

Nan said...

I'll tell my husband about this - he's a big omelet (and salsa) fan! Thanks.