Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Decorating on the Cheap

I wanted a centerpiece for my table. I thought of flowers, but carnations and alstromerias are at least four dollars a bunch. They are a monthly splurge, not a weekly one, So I brought home a handful of brown-red oak leaves from the park. I put them in the bottom of a vintage bowl, then set a winter squash in the middle. Soon I will eat the squash, put away the bowl, and throw the leaves out under the holly hedge to go back into the earth. But on this windy day with cold coming in and the early dark, they will decorate my tea room table.


Out on the prairie said...

Used to likie to gather an assortment for dried arrangements whenI was a kid.

betsy said...

My mother would melt wax, and we dipped the fall leaves in it to preserve them. Does anyone's mother do that anymore?