Friday, December 16, 2011

My Side Of the Mountain- Today's Old Movie Mention

I regret that movies such as "My Side of the Mountain" never show on cable. I would have loved to have watched it last evening. Alas, to see it I would have had to re-join Netflix- something I am not about to do.

It is the story of a brave and adventurous Canadian boy named Sam, who, like his hero Henry David Thoreau, goes to live in the woods. Sam travels to the Laurentian Mountains, tames a raccoon and a falcon, and makes camp inside an old, hollow tree. He plans to live there undisturbed, entertained by his animal friends and his algae experiments. Yet because he is a young boy alone, the world still keeps track of him in the persons of a local lady librarian and an itinerant song writer played by Theodore Bikel.

These days, boys like as Sam would be punished, drugged, labelled, or locked away for pursuing adventures. Their spirit and imagination would be thwarted. No longer are boys allowed to be boys. (Or girls allowed to be tomboys either).

Amazon sells this DVD. I am certain Netflix would mail it to you as well. A fine movie for the intelligent child who is not yet spoiled or jaded.

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