Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elliston Place. Where Nashville meets the Vander Bubble

Here are some random views of the Elliston Place/ West End/ Vanderbilt area. I meant for the photos to be in sequence, but Blogger has its own rogue ideas, so random is the word.

I had to go downtown for a mandatory staff meeting last night. It was short, and since the place I work is only a parking garage away from Elliston Place, and since there was still good light, I decided to walk around. Some call Elliston Place a neighborhood, but I call it unexpected. A small island of street life and shops between Vanderbilt University and the giant hospitals that perch like vultures over and around West End and Centennial Park. People walk around here. They sit at outdoor cafes. And in the evening they may order pizza or go to the Exit Inn, where an impressive number of singers once sang live when they were young and hungry. You can visit a hookah bar as long as you leave your Ak-47 in the car. You can window shop at a Republican bookstore. (I did not know one existed). Eat Indian, or Mexican, or just waddle on over to the Krispy Kreme, just across the street from St Thomas Heart and its cardiologists.If you want a guitar you can buy one. Or you can practice hot yoga. Go pray at the West End Methodist Church. All in one or two blocks. And then you can walk back to the parking garage from whence you came, and look downtown to the skyline.

One note- The photo on West End looking toward four buildings that look like either dominos or bad Eastern Bloc architecture, is of the Vanderbilt University dormitories.

Click on photos to enlarge. It will make them more entertaining.


Out on the prairie said...

A fun tour.

betsy said...

Thanks Out On the Prairie. I had a great time taking those photos.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This was fun! I've never been to Nashville, Betsy, so now I feel like I've seen some of its sights there through your eyes.

troutbirder said...

There is always something vital about these University & hospital related neighborhoods. You captured it perfectly. :)