Friday, March 16, 2012

Four Dollars

* This is not a post about politics. It is a post about reality.

If the Democrats  are defeated in November, it will not be by the Republicans. It will be by four dollars.

Four dollars and its multiples.

Four dollars for a gallon of gas. Four dollars for a loaf of bread. Four dollars for four rolls of Scott toilet paper.
Nearly 8  bucks for a pound of bacon.

A pound of bacon!

I walked out of a grocery store last week with two small plastic sacks of essentials. 65 dollars. Made worse by knowing that almost 10 percent of that sixty five was state sales tax. A tax imposed by Neanderthals who run this state. 

One can buy used clothes at Goodwill (as most of  us, Techno-Serfs that we are, will soon be doing) and pay no tax. But not on food!

How do families do it? How do oldsters do it? 

Credit cards? Dumpster diving? Not eating?

"It's the economy, stupid" is one of the world's great truisms, along with Deep Throat's advice on "Following the money".

I am a cynic. I shrug. Are the people we elect our government anyway?

Or are they just shills? Bought and paid for by Goldman- Sachs?

Whose bonuses are multiples of four dollars too, times several hundred thousand or several million.

Oh well, time to cheer ourselves up by going back to posts about Tornado and Flash Flood warnings.

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