Friday, March 16, 2012

The Silly Season

I am lazy. Out of inertia I have kept AOL as my home page and mailbox. And when I return to posting and the Internet after a week or so of hiatus, I see AOL headlines are as ludicrous as ever. Their celebrity mongering and man bites mosquito stories never stop. There is always a Brianna, or Rhianna, or Sheanna struggling with bad boyfriends, the Sobriety Squad, L.A. judges, or badly placed silicone-

Relief is a click away. Or is it? Today I landed on TheKitchn (their spelling) at the Apartment Therapy website, and found a post about "How to write a Secret Message"  on a lunch pail banana. Presumably one's fourteen year old daughter will be amused by Mom's message, as will the daughter's peers, though I do not think whoever wrote this was far from fourteen herself- 

Or perhaps dear husband will be surprised to see something whimsical in print, such as "Who the hell is Tiffany, and why was she calling to talk to you last night?"

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Out on the prairie said...

A bannana message sounds funny.