Friday, March 23, 2012

The War On Human Livelihood- Part 2

Some weeks back I wrote about my local library branch and the employees there who seemed to be colluding with technology to work themselves out of their jobs. Now when I go in to pick up a book from Inter-Library loan ,I don't have to inconvenience myself by talking to anyone or smiling at them. I scan my own books so the library people are free to stand at the desk staring into space or to drag a cart outside to bring in the books from the after hours book deposit bins.

Having been to my local Bank of America twice lately to buy a money order and to deposit a check, I can report that the War is on there as well. The day I went to get the check, a woman I did not recognize was greeting folks coming in and scrutinizing the tellers, who were having the spontaneity stolen from them one customer at a time. I know a script when I see one, for I worked in a place that required a mandatory phone response-

"World's Worst Hospital. This is Nurse Lousy. How may I help you?"

At the bank the tellers now remind you how unnecessary they are and how much easier it would be for everyone if you the customer went on line to bank. Today a young lady reminded me that I could deposit a check any time day or night in the nearest ATM.

"I like seeing people have a job to do", I told her, but I think this went right past her, for again she reminded me that the ATM was superior.

When I go in to the Belle Meade Kroger before 7 am now, I ask the night guy to scan my 1/2 price manager's special even though he tells me everything is self-scan till 0700. He may think I am a pain, but I am looking out for him. What grocery chain would not love to cut him and all his unionized buddies?

First they came for the librarians, then they came for the bank tellers- Hell, even lawyers are out of jobs because do it yourself software is making them obsolete.

What makes you think your job is safe? Even nurses may be replaced by robots for "routine tasks".

As I have said before, never underestimate how much your employer wants an excuse to get rid of you.

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