Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cable Wars

The NSA and the FBI have nothing on Comcast, whose software and web crawlers must be programmed to report back to Central Command when Comcast and its new archrival are mentioned together anywhere on the web. I learned this this afternoon when a gentleman who works for Comcast sent me a comment about my last post "Mandatory Cable".

How Comcast found my post is intriguing, for I am in the top ten most obscure blogs on Planet Earth. If I have 35 readers a day 30 of them are Russian spambots and the loathsome "Vampire Stat" and "Zombie Stat". I have perhaps eight regular readers and two of them are a best friend and my brother.

No cable company need be concerned about anything I say for good or ill about them for my comments and opinions pass quickly into the black hole where all things written that remain unread go.

Maybe the President should have put Comcast on Edward Snowden's trail in Russia instead of the usual Federal foxhounds.

If Comcast could find my blog, they could find Snowden-


Kay G. said...

This might laugh, they should have asked Comcast to find Snowden.

troutbirder said...

Yikes..... scary.

Kay G. said...

I meant to say in my comment above...this MADE ME laugh.

Sorry, I shouldn't attempt commenting when I am so tired!!

Sam said...

Sounds like that Seinfeld episode where the Postmaster General tracks down Kramer and "convinces" him as to the virtue of the Postal Service.

Vagabonde said...

That’s interesting that Comcast found your blog. It could be that when the word Comcast is in some article on the Net they get a notice sent to them. My email provider sends me a notice if someone uses the word Vagabonde for some reason. This afternoon two young men came to my front door – it is so unusual – usually they are bringing some religious literature. They were from AT&T and offering me to move over to their company and leave Comcast.