Monday, August 19, 2013

The Tee-Tiny Experimental Kitchen- Fava Beans, Zucchini, and Roasted Red Peppers

This is a magnificent dish, and the addition of Helba, or ground Fenugreek makes it sublime. You can prepare it in under an hour, since the beans and roasted red peppers are canned and already cooked. How wonderful this would be with roasted or braised lamb!

1 15 oz can fava beans

1 medium onion, white or yellow,diced and sauteed in olive oil until golden

2 minced garlic cloves

Olive oil

Sea salt to taste

Cumin to taste, start with 1 teaspoon

Ground Fenugreek (Helba) start with 1/4 teaspoon, taste and add more as desired.

One 6 to 7 inch zucchini,diced

3-4 whole roasted red sweet peppers, cut into small pieces

1/3 cup chicken broth or stock

Saute the diced onions in a large saute pan. Use a generous amount of olive oil, and add some sea salt to help sweat the onions. Add the cumin and fenugreek and mix well, then add the diced zucchini when the onions are golden.Add the minced garlic, and then the diced roasted peppers and canned fava beans. Taste, as you must always do and add more spices or salt as you desire. Lastly add the chicken broth and cook covered on medium low heat until the zucchini is soft. Remove the cover and allow the chicken broth to reduce away until only its flavor is left and the mixture is thickened and not watery.

This should feed four people.

* A note about Fenugreek-

Fenugreek is used in curries and in Middle Eastern cooking. It has an exotic Maple sugar like aroma.It is available in better groceries, Middle Eastern grocers, and of course, on the Internet.

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