Friday, August 16, 2013

The Storm

I was about to post these pictures on July 10 when these thunderstorms caused a power surge that blew out my cable modem, even though it was on a surge protector. These are ominous clouds, and the lightning that came with them knocked me off line for weeks-

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Vagabonde said...

Being without the Net must have been a pain. I look at it daily, for news, the weather, to read blogs, etc. It has rained a lot here but not that bad. It is raining right now. I have never seen a summer like this in Georgia – high in the mid 60s! We went to Brentwood, TN, a couple of weeks ago for the 5th birthday of grandson number 2, and I don’t think we will be back until the fall because we have to drive to Memphis next to visit our eldest daughter. Your sky did look menacing.