Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Landscaping Courtesy of Saruman and his Orcs

Here is what passes for institutional landscaping in Nashville,Tennessee. Here is an example of how to prune foundation hollies-

And this is how we prune yew bushes.

I would weep except that I am sick from smelling the hydrocarbons and deaf from hearing the chainsaws.

And what are they going to do about these stumps? Is bushhogging next, or do they think the yews are coming back?

All this loveliness is just outside my apartment.


Out on the prairie said...

You think they would have warned you. does this mean you get to landscape your own area?

Sam said...

I'm going to guess there's some ordnance or another in play; impediments to emergency egress, obscured windows, invasive species... who knows.
just a hunch