Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The New View From My Porch

Here is another photo of today's landscape improvement at these apartments. Note the lovely black corrugated drainage pipes. Now when I am out on my porch loafing and inviting my soul and thinking about how I am paying almost 1200 bucks a month for a one bedroom apartment, I can be thankful I live in such beautiful surroundings.

*Please see this afternoon's earlier post "Landscaping by Saruman and his Orcs" for more photos of today's landscape embellishments at these apartments.


Sam said...

I didn't know they did clear-cutting that far south, learn something new every day.

Out on the prairie said...

Hopefully there is a plan.One could rent a big house here for that money.

betsy said...

Steve-There better be a plan, and it had better not involve dynamite! Hard to believe that the management did not let the renters know this was coming. One of my neighbors went down to the office to confront them, and they refused to talk to him about it. He is upset-