Thursday, March 20, 2014


I bought seeds from two well known seed houses today. Four packages of seeds from Burpee cost $26.75 with $6.95 of that shipping and handling. I bought eight packages of seed from Park. $26.60 with $6.95 of that shipping and handling.

Have you ever picked up a seed packet? It is featherweight. And if I had bought just one packet of seeds would it still have cost $6.95?

I have heard the big nursery/seed companies are in trouble financially.

Now I see why-

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Sam said...

I read recently that the margins on marijuana seeds are much higher than any other due to burgeoning demand. Feed-and-seed corn buyers have to compete with the heavily subsidized ethanol industry for the same corn, which drives up prices across the board.

We're a long way from planting anything in NH, 4+ feet of snow on the ground with more bitter cold on the way.