Friday, March 28, 2014

What To Do After Church On Wednesday Night-

Last October I wrote about the opening of the "Pleasures Romance Boutique" adult toy store on White Bridge Road, which is catty corner across the street from St Mary Villa and its Child Development Center. I believe I reported that the boutique's neighbors had qualms, and that the city councilmen had promised to keep an eye on the shop to make sure vulgarity and tastelessness did not get out of hand.

I can report that the shop is still there and open, and that it has a new marketing ploy.
I drove by it a week ago as I went out to work the overnight in the clinic at the Little Big House.

Now to those of you who live outside the South, I can assure you that Nashville is not Amsterdam. We take sin seriously here, and in the Protestant South Wednesday night is church night.

Well, it appears that the owners of the Pleasures Romance Boutique now feel confident that not only can they compete with Church, they can also lure in Church goers, who might be looking for something to do after the service Wednesday evening.

There it was, announced in big letters on their white road sign that has the flaming Tiki torches on either side.

"Free Condoms Every Wednesday Night".

Perhaps this is because people who work for Hobby Lobby are thinking that Justices Roberts and Scalia are going to end their insurance coverage for birth control, and the Boutique knows opportunity when it sees it.

Or maybe there is something about Wednesday night services at the Church of Christ that puts people in the mood-


Mac n' Janet said...

Crude, but not surprising.

betsy said...

There is no such thing as vulgar anymore. I have been to Mass and seen teen girls in thigh high sundresses with cleavage standing along side their mothers and fathers.
Everything is permitted now.

I am surprised that that boutique is still open. If they keep giving away free stuff it won't be for long-

Out on the prairie said...

A bizzare little store.