Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Poor Man's Fertilizer

In New Hampshire, where I grew up, country people called late season snows "Poor Man's Fertilizer".

Late March in Nashville should bring blooming redbuds and all manner of flowering trees. Instead we have this, for all morning snow has been falling on and off-

But there are other things happening in this city besides lousy weather, and some might be of interest to tourists and people thinking of visiting Music City.

Firstly-to all out of towners- a word of advice. Never cross a Nashville street. If there is something on the other side you want, forget it. Every week now and sometimes twice drivers who are never charged are mowing down pedestrians with impunity. Today someone knocked down a lady jogger in Green Hills. She lived, but not everyone else recently run over was as lucky.

The other unhappy trend is the number of shootings, sometimes two or three a day. You would think this was Memphis. Or Chicago. If you think I am exaggerating check out the WSMV.com website, and you can keep a tally.

And this morning, not a quarter mile from where I am typing, a man robbed the Bellevue Shell station on Highway 70 at 2:30 am.

In stodgy, somnolent Bellevue, where till now one was more likely to be mugged by a skunk.

Nashville is turning into Dodge City-

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Out on the prairie said...

maybe I shouldn't post cold and snow, it is catching