Monday, June 10, 2013

A Note To My Readers

I will be moving my gardening posts away from my second blog on Wordpress, which I am shutting down due to technical problems with Wordpress and lack of readers. Some may not be interested in reading about gardening, just as some are bored by recipes, but excited by natural history or estate sales.

My blog is not a personal weblog. I think of it as an online magazine which covers many topics. No one reads every article in a magazine and I do not expect every one to do so on a blog.

This blog is by no means a success. It has only a handful of readers, and I have often come close to abandoning it. But I do appreciate what readers I have, and I know some enjoy my posts, so I keep on with it.

And remember that though all gardening is local, the love of gardens is universal even for people who cannot bring home a tomato plant and keep it alive.


Kay G. said...

Hey Betsy!
Please don't give up on your blog.
I love your blog and I find it very interesting!
Many more will find you, I am sure of it. You can't deprive them of your observations on life, can you?
I like to read about gardening, but I leave the heavy gardening itself to my husband. (It's really hard work! I just enjoy the flowers.) xx

betsy said...

Thank you Kay G. I appreciate your comment so much. At least this blog has some readers. The Tales of a Nashville Gardener had none-