Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hiatus Cancelled. Back, but Temporarily Without Photos

I fear that gardening and culinary posts will be difficult without pictures, but there are free photos on Wikipedia Commons that I might use. Little essays and opinion pieces do not need visual aids, as Kay G. pointed out to me.

So- Blog resumes Monday.

And I do still have photos I have never used in my picture gallery on line!


Kay G. said...

Someone really listened to me, that makes me feel good, thanks! And thanks for keeping your blog going!
I am finding it hard to blog these days, don't know why, just a bit down, I guess.

betsy said...

I go through times when I lose interest as well. The failure of "Tales of a Nashville Gardener" was discouraging, as was the death of my camera. But I will slog on within the next day or two I hope.